Iphone 8 girl scandal

Iphone 8 girl scandal is the most viral scandal on the internet today. Same as the iphone 7 girl Isiah Victoria, Iphone 8 girl also gave her one night to an old man in exchange of the latest apple product. Incidents like this always happen whenever a new gadget is released by this company because some s3x worker wanted to be classy to raise their service pay.

The iphone 8 girl name is yet unknown but few details are saying that the old man involved is a married ofw who takes vacation alone leaving his family abroad. Viral picture of iphone 8 girl made rounds on the internet when she boasts her latest mobile.

Netizens tagged her as "iphone8 girl scandal". and while she is having a luxury of her phone, the old man is facing consequences of his actions because he was already identified by one of his son.

Ann Mateo went viral again after Sinio attack

Ann Mateo became viral when Sinio of Fliptop battle used her to attack Sheyee. Harsh words are thrown against Ann that almost got her parents to file a case.

Lately, she became trending topic because of her daring photo-shoot. Ann plays the role of teenage schoolgirl while holding books while the location is set to classroom. She keeps her pose topless while using a little book to cover front.

Netizens go crazy again with this wherein mixed comments rushed that shows support and admiration to Ann Mateo while others can not move on with what Sinio called realtalk. However, Ann is really stunning here and this only show that she is not affected at all.

Savage girl scandal

Savage girl scandal is the most worst scandal ever happened in the History. The video is prohibited as it involved a child while being taken advantage. She was arrested lately in Daanbantayan Cebu Philippines by NBI operatives while her Russian partner was already in the custody of American government.

Savage girl used Gina Carpio Batulan and Shannon Carpio as her aliases on her social media account to hide from more than 10 pending casese filed against her. Her real name is Liezyl Margallo Castaneda also known as "Savage Girl". According to reports, This 23 year old lady who worked as sex worker before is one of the primary suspects involved in the video titled "Destruction of Daisy" having evidence that she performed the role of masked woman in the said video involving 18 month baby. A worst and unimaginable scene that almost impossible exist. They are responsible for missing children mostly in poor areas of Mindanao.

There are also other corpse seen inside the house of Savage girl, believed to be victims of their wrongdoings. Although she was already under governments custody, dreams and lives of little angels involved can never be brought back on earth.

On the other hand, savage girl is living in luxury before her arrest. Her social media boasts pictures while riding jetski and wearing swimwear on different beaches.

Kimchi Villan alleged scandal photos leaked

A lady named Kimchi Villan is now on a hot seat after her name was linked into a viral photo scandal leaked online. Some even tagged Kimchi on her fb account and named the scandal as Kimchi of Cotabato.

The pictures are composed of five shots to be exact and was uploaded in different mature sites since 1st of February. Different stories are now scattered by netizens, wherein this is allegedly shared by her bitter ex boyfriend while some claim it was given as pre-valentines gift to her boyfriend.

Kimchi Villan is not yet giving any statement yet. This scandal might be a hoax or true but no one should judge the lady on the picture because there has been a lot of stories like this where ladies do this things because of love and trust. The only problem they have is when they choose a wrong person..

The uploader is not yet unknown but one thing is sure and that is technology is now advance and most persons have a look a like. Thus, Kimchi Villan scandal photos leaked can be example of it.

Mariel Jane Russel Mallillin comeback alleged scandal

Rbreezy babes posted a comeback video while they are on their famous provocative outfit that almost show their souls.

This hottest short video clip that is said to be scandalous by some concern netizens, spread like wildfire on the internet as it gains millions of views within a short period of time. This isn't possible as they have lots of followers on their ig and fan page.

Netizens however pointer out rbreezy babes comeback video as famewhore styles who only wanted huge attentions. They also said that rbreezy girls are using their flawless bodies and big fronts to attract instead of their talents. Some thinks of this as their business to gain customers that will buy their products.

This comments are ignored by rbreezy babes and they continue to do their passion by doing events having sexy dances and many naught deeds unaccepted by conservative people in their place.

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