Tuition girl scandal leaked online

A new scandal recently uploaded in a famous mature sites is making rounds on the internet. It made the video on top rated tagged as tuition girl scandal.

The lady involved according to the uploader is a college student from prestigious University in Luzon. She allowed herself to be filmed while doing scandalous act with her client or friend in exchange of tuition fee for the first semester. Video scandal of tuition girl lasts more than 2 minutes only so netizens expect for another part 2. They are seen having affair in unknown hotel based on the ambiance seen on the said video.

It is yet unknown if the tuition girl already know about her leaked scandal but one thing is sure, her video will be immortal on the internet because of people who take advantage of poor. Comments rushed giving sympathy but most of them said that they both take advantage of each other. Tuition from guy and pleasure from the other.

Gym moaning scandal prank now viral

Gym scandal was recently spotted by Evo news and shared it online. It was entertaining to watch a beautiful and fit girl who entered a gym and did some workouts.

What is more captivating is that when she moans longer and louder while being assisted by a gym trainer. The guy cant help but smile and be aroused while everyone else around the gym does and having a glimpse on the sexy girl.

She did not only do it once because she is again spotted in a gym trying another scene. A trainer helped the girl open her legs wider and shocked to hear her client moaning in pleasure. 

This gym moaning scandal is a prank made by the girl to see how guys react in her actions. This is also precautions to watch over girlfriends when entering gym or fitness training full of mouth watering good built body men.

Keifer Ravena photo scandal leaked in twitter

Keifer Ravena scandal is now viral when an issue of extortion between him and the suspect was aired in television news. The suspect was arrested for attempting to leak scandal photos of Keifer Ravena if not paid properly.

Even suspect is already in the hand attempting to leak scandal photos of Keifer Ravena if not paid properly. Keifer photo scandal is already in the twitter and he now faces bashers from social media. There are also negative comments from netizens specially girls making fun of the Keifer ravena photo scandal saying they were disappointed to see it little and color black.

Although Keifer Ravena refused to admit whether it was really him on the alleged Keifer Ravena photo scandal, he asked public apology when small press covered the issue. He specially mention his parents who helped him in the arrest of the suspect, his family and friends, his siblings and his girlfriend Alysa Valdez.

Alleged Nadine Lustre scandal leaked as she reported lost phone

Nadine Lustre is one of the hottest and famous celebrity now having different projects in ABS-CBN network. She is teamed up perfectly with James Reid and their love team clicks their fans tagging them as Jadine.

Recently, while doing a shoot for their project in San Francisco, California, her window car was shot by ninja rock that lead to stolen bag and cellphone. This became alarming by her fans as everyone knows that private things are mostly kept in phone. From the story of different celebrity scandal that was leaked, this became alarming.

Since her phone was stolen, there is no scandal released but some netizens are making fun of the issue saying the guy who broke the window of car had excessive Jadine obsession. Since their are rumored Nadine Lustre scandal scattered online, some netizens are still expecting for at least mature private pictures of their idol from her stolen phone. But fans on the other hand, commented that there is no such Nadine Lustre scandal and their idol is confident enough even she lost her phone.

Kim Domingo alleged scandal

Recently a video posted became trending and tagged as Kim Domingo scandal by netizens. The viral scandal lasts more than 5 minutes that is now making rounds as shared on private messages through social medias.

The scandalous act filmed in bed while alleged Kim Domingo is the performer is a hot topic creating debate from comments. The figure of Kim is real alike of the one in the said video, even her hair length and size of breasts.

But as expected, this is proven to be hoax because the video itself failed to show at least a portion of the girls face to confirm whether it was a real Kim Domingo scandal or not. Some said that some fans take it to the next level to fantasize there idol which lead to looking for a mature scandal wherein they can see the girl and think it was Kim Domingo.


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