Loisa Andalio alleged scandal

Loisa Andalio scandal is now the hottest scandal making rounds on the internet

The video was uploaded by a male based on his fingers who is obviously having intentions to destroy Loisa. It compose series of video clips wherein alleged loisa shows her top.

Although similarities are seen like tatoo on the hand and same printed t shirts, fans denied the allegations and firm that it was not loisa based on her eyebrows, positions of tatoo and body size.

Loisa has not yet given statement over loisa alleged scandal. 

FEU volleyball player scandal

FEU volleyball player scandal is the newest viral scandal circulating on the internet. It is now making rounds over group chats and some individuals offer the feu volleyball player scandal to those who ask in private message.

The video shows that the two persons involved are doing their romance thing inside a room. It has a duration of almost two minutes. There is no private part exposed on the alleged FEU volleyball player scandal but there is an obvious contraction between them based on the video.

Netizens made speculations that the woman in the video is alike to a volleyball player of  FEU named Carly Hernandez that shows in the picture but others deny the comparison. See for yourself the viral yet alleged FEU volleyball player scandal.

Rhoda mae pacunla scandal

Rhoda mae pacunla scandal hits the internet like wildfire gaining different reactions and opinion from netizens. Viral post of Shaira mae on social media hits almost 3 thousand shares as of the moment that makes the scandal more famous. Most of the comments are giving sympathy while asking for the copy of rhoda mae pacunla scandal.

The girl is identified allegedly by netizens as Rhoda mae pacunla. On the first part of the video scandal, the girl is seen on her back with at least four other boys participating on the said scandal. The saddest part of this scandal is that persons involved are said to be under age.

The video lasts more the 3 minutes that has a part 1 and part 2 as of the moment. Some of the netizens also blame Rhoda mae pacunla while judging from the video that what happened seemed to be allowed by her.

Michaela Baldos alleged scandal

Michaela Baldos alleged scandal is now viral on social media. It was shared in private groups and group chats the spread-ed like wildfire. The alleged scandal shows at least three short clip video scandal taken by the person on the video.

The video shows different time and range. It was allegedly scattered by her ex boyfriend because of their personal matters. Some concerned netizens are saddened by another video scandal leaked because of love. And this became the latest, Michaela Baldos alleged scandal. Even though some people asked to stop sharing the video scandal of Michaela Baldos, no one can please everyone.

Michaela Baldos has now different pages, memes and fb accounts made by trolls. Others made a video clips on youtube to disguise the people searching for her alleged scandal. But the most terrifying is when it already reached the mature sites where scandal becomes immortal.

Watch the videos now at Michaela Baldos Scandal..

Tuition girl scandal leaked online

A new scandal recently uploaded in a famous mature sites is making rounds on the internet. It made the video on top rated tagged as tuition girl scandal.

The lady involved according to the uploader is a college student from prestigious University in Luzon. She allowed herself to be filmed while doing scandalous act with her client or friend in exchange of tuition fee for the first semester. Video scandal of tuition girl lasts more than 2 minutes only so netizens expect for another part 2. They are seen having affair in unknown hotel based on the ambiance seen on the said video.

It is yet unknown if the tuition girl already know about her leaked scandal but one thing is sure, her video will be immortal on the internet because of people who take advantage of poor. Comments rushed giving sympathy but most of them said that they both take advantage of each other. Tuition from guy and pleasure from the other.

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