Asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman scandal part 1, part 2, part 3

Asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman scandal is the trending topic now in different secret groups on the internet. The video was shared privately through private messages said by one of the members. People involved in the scandal are allegedly said to be "magkumpare" while the husband is working abroad as seaman.

The scandal video of asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman had part 1, and part 2. Some even boasted they also have part 3. First part happened in their room, having intimate moments together that is filmed by high definition audio video. Both are also seen aware on the camera capturing their moments together. The asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman part 2 took place in the sofa while their clothes remain intact, they performed extremely scandalous thing if the rumors behind the video are true.

Netizens kept asking for copies of the video even though it is already widely available in mature sites. This scandal already leaked weeks ago. Irresponsible sharing of video scandal may lead to captivation by authorities so be aware and keep it for yourself.

HK scandal tarlac girl is now viral

An alleged video scandal of ofw from Hongkong is now viral on the internet. It is widely tagged as hk scandal tarlac girl as the lady involved is said to be living in  Tarlac as her province.

The hk scandal tarlac girl link is an asian diary compiled by one of s*x tourist in the Philippines. Unfortunately this video is filmed and shared, worst, it was found by her countrymen and they already created rumors saying she did the hk scandal in exchange for cash.

Netizens specially foreigners are looking to get a copy of the scandal on social medias but it is already available now on different mature sites. Searching only the HK scandal tarlac girl will lead you to the video itself. It just unfortunate that when a video scandal like this hongkong scandal is leaked, it always became immortal.

Angelica Sofia Cabanas Sarap bes alleged scandal

Another scandal is making rounds on the internet. This is tagged as sarap bes scandal by netizens as it was said to be heard on the actual video. The girl involved is allegedly Angelica Sofia Cabanas and she was with her boyfriend on the scandal.

Angelica Sofia Cabanas scandal lasts more or less than fifteen minutes wherein the two persons involved are seen filming their intimate moment. They are responsible on the privacy of the video as they are aware about the camera recording their moments together inside a private room.

On the first minutes of the film, the guy is wearing grayish shirts while (alleged) Angelica Sofia Cabanas is on her blue outfit. They are kissing in front of the cam and more scandalous act follows. This is another story of private video leak of two persons involved in scandal even warnings are already spreaded and many scandals like rapbeh scandal and abbie tolentino scandal that may serve as reminders to stop filming private moments.

Netizens on the other hand shared and liked the sarap bes scandal. Some said that the lady on the video is pretty much for the guy. Others commented expressing their gratitude on the complete copy but there are stories telling this had a sarap bes part 2.

Iphone 8 girl scandal

Iphone 8 girl scandal is the most viral scandal on the internet today. Same as the iphone 7 girl Isiah Victoria, Iphone 8 girl also gave her one night to an old man in exchange of the latest apple product. Incidents like this always happen whenever a new gadget is released by this company because some s3x worker wanted to be classy to raise their service pay.

The iphone 8 girl name is yet unknown but few details are saying that the old man involved is a married ofw who takes vacation alone leaving his family abroad. Viral picture of iphone 8 girl made rounds on the internet when she boasts her latest mobile.

Netizens tagged her as "iphone8 girl scandal". and while she is having a luxury of her phone, the old man is facing consequences of his actions because he was already identified by one of his son.

Ann Mateo went viral again after Sinio attack

Ann Mateo became viral when Sinio of Fliptop battle used her to attack Sheyee. Harsh words are thrown against Ann that almost got her parents to file a case.

Lately, she became trending topic because of her daring photo-shoot. Ann plays the role of teenage schoolgirl while holding books while the location is set to classroom. She keeps her pose topless while using a little book to cover front.

Netizens go crazy again with this wherein mixed comments rushed that shows support and admiration to Ann Mateo while others can not move on with what Sinio called realtalk. However, Ann is really stunning here and this only show that she is not affected at all.

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