philippines and technology

If you will choose between then and now in the Philippines, which do you prefer? For sure, you will choose now because of progress you are experiencing, but when you turn around in our environment, there were many negative changes. Running vehicles, factories and woodcutters and burning trees are seen everywhere. They cause pollution in land, air and also in water that makes living things at risk of illness and diseases and even death.

Because of these, our beloved country philippines reacts and gives us natural calamities or disasters, global warming and especially the intriguing climate change. However, we can not deny that modern technologies make our lives more comfortable and easier and it makes us more capable of doing many things. It only shows that modern technology has advantages and disadvantages that affect our daily lives.

Technology was made and invented to help human activity in their everyday lives and not to destroy nature. The best legacy of us for the next generation is a clean, green, calamity and pollution free planet. The next generation is waiting for our action. So when do you have a plan to react? Is it today or tomorrow? As the two guides you saying: time is gold, do not wait for the perfect time, just take the time and make it perfect.

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