Andrea brillantes new video uploaded in the internet goes viral

The name Andrea Brillantes left people a scar of her name when she was involved in alleged scandal video filming herself on her room. It was then shouldered by her sister to protect the actress on her career but netizens don't believe it.

A new video of Andrea Brillantes was posted in the internet but this time it is a dancing dubsmash uploaded in youtube. The video lasts about 12 seconds while she was filming herself and dancing with confidence this time. Its been years ago so many fans were glad that she passed one of the biggest trials that came to her life.

Andrea is now continuing acting in dramas and she is talented actress in the ABS-CBN channel. She is doing good in her career despite the trials she encountered. Her family and friends supported her, lift her up and guide her to avoid scandalous act.

You can watch the video HERE

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