Leila handled bad people in her campaign video

This video of secretary of justice Leila De Lima shows a brave and intelligent personality of a person. It has a very nice and admiring concept. Secretary De Lima will run for a higher position on May. Her platforms are shown on the video but many said it looks like action movie only happened in the big screen while supporters of liberal party thumbs up for this short video.

Many netizens commented that the video is opposed to the real life especially when they refer to serving justice in the counrty like the Maguindanao mas sacre of ampatuan and the Mamasapano encounter to name a few. Some also said that even these bad people were caught, prisons are like de luxe hotels nowadays complete with amenities like pools and basketball courts.

Being a responsible candidate must show her skills and knowledge while in the position to show her qualifications in the position. What they had done in the country matters more than how they campaign themselves for the citizens.

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