Some columbian citizens cannot get over the miss universe pageant

This are some bitter citizens of columbia who cannot move on from the issues in the miss universe pageant where miss Philippines won the crown instead of miss Columbia. They created effigy of miss Pia and burn it to show their protests on the said pageant. miss Philippines won the title in the miss universe pageant.

Many people reacted with this, some of their countrymen are ashamed of what they did and according to them, miss Philippines has no fault in the pageant and being 1st runner up is still something to be proud of. They feel sorry for the world for what this people had done.

Philippine netizens however saw this and get angry but when they read comments of educated Columbians they understand that a single person cannot represent the attitude of the whole country. This is a small matter for netizens and they assume that this people only wants to be famous like any other protestant in the world.

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