Alden and maine intimacy

Alden richards and Maine mendoza have a huge fans and they called it aldub nation. Their loveteam was accidentally created in the segment of eat bulaga, the juan for all and all for juan when yaya dub blushes after seeing alden waved his hands to her and the story goes on.

Their story became viral on the internet. They always make it to the top of trending news on twitter and other social media. Aldub is phenomenal love team that gives inspiration and moral lessons to their fans and audience.

But in every story there is the word the end. Given from the comments in social media, some of their fans now are not contented of their show and turns out to be bored. Some said that they expect something new because they always do the same on screen. Their appearance from monday to sunday and even on commercials makes the viewers bored and making them turned the channel.

Their solid fans remain firm and loyal to aldub. Despite the challenges they support aldub because of their good relations to fans.

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