Boxing champ has gone viral with his statements against same sex marriage

Manny Pacman Paquiao is a world title boxer in the world. He is admired by every Juan and treat him as a hero by his countrymen. Philippines became popular and very peaceful every time he has a fight because everyone is supporting praying and watching him wins against his opponent. All his boxing fights are viral and talked worlwide.

Pacman is also active in religious activities where he preach and help people in need. He also funds different charities and church construction. He run and became congressman of sarangani, became a celebrity, a singer and even actor.

He stays humble in every victory but in a recent interview pertaining to same gender marriage, Manny gained negativity specially from the part of transgenders and couples involved in same gender marriage internationally. In a less than 30 seconds clip interview, pacman made animals as an example visualizing same
gender marriage. The video became viral on social media. Pros defended the champ that it was his opinion and opinion of individual is never wrong while cons said that what he said is judgmental and below the belt.

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