Carrot man will take first step to become big celebrity

Unexpected popularity. That is how netizens define the happenings in life of Jeyrick also known as the carrots man. Jeyrick or carrots man was a proud igorot and a farmer of carrots in mountains of rural sagada. He became famous when his snapshot photo has gone viral over the internet. It gains lots of likes and shares from girls around the Philippines.

According to news. Carrot man was haunted now to become a big star because of his appeal to people while he needs some makeover. This guy was compared to many celebrities including local and international icons like Vic of all time famous F4, while some says he looks like hero of star circle quest. Many netizens expressed their admiration to his viral photo including the papaya queen.

Its not impossible that in the coming days big networks will race to convince him to be a part of their family or team. His charisma over the internet is a big money for advertisers and marketers. He was asked if he wants to become celebrity and he said it depends if he can do the role appointed on him.

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