Pope caught irritated in a viral video

Pope is a human like any other person that has a feeling. In a viral video taken by one of witness, while pope is holding hands with his followers, one of them pull his hands that made him fall in front of disabled person wherein the disabled person hurt. The pope was caught irritated talking to his followers who pull him ande seems like explaining to take it easy. He looks like explaining or preaching irritably

This viral video did not change the good image of the pope and according to his followers, pope is also a person that has senses that can feel pain. Some even said that pope got angry not because he was hurt of fell but because the disable was. The supporters were excited seeing pope in that incident and it looks like all that happened is accident.

Pope is chosen via conclave and miracle of smoke. The strong faith of Christians to his holiness is strong and unbeatable, firm and will always be. Some netizens complain about irresponsible priests, and suggested that the issue should focus on them and not into the natural or normal reaction of a person or pope in a simple incident.

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