Scandal of is now viral on the internet

A musically scandal video of a girl has gone viral over the internet. It was shared by fans and a breezy page uploaded it on social network at two am and deleted it after an hour. The first scandal video is less than two minutes while the second one is about three minutes using musically application in a weird manner. It is said that this scandal video is intended for her boyfriend but was leaked by someone when the girl refuse to send sexy pictures.

Musically application is used for fun while having music on. It was used by many netizens all over the world and upload their different versions of outcome of the apps. But this version is different. It shows some excitement and obviously made for someone to risen up desire unfortunately it was done without proper care and was leaked by irresponsible person whoever send it to the breezy fan page.

Netizens reacted on this video differently. Many expressed their sympathy to the girl on the scandalous video and curse the up loader while some take it as for fun only and enjoyed the scandal video. This video is not available anymore on the page but many fans were still asking for a copy.

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