The philippine walker story

The Philippines is very nice country with very beautiful ladies from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Girls are lovely sexy and beautiful. Ladies wanted the best for their families and for themselves unfortunately it is not as easy to achieve like other rich countries like Canada or Japan. A typical girl from a poor family had this story... After studying up to high school, she tend to work in the capital of the philippines which is Manila.
And because she did not finish college she often go to work with 5 months contract and find it very hard to live.

That is the time that she grabbed her friends offer to "walk" and do scandalous things. Despite the negative feelings that tries to stop her in her emotions she still bravely walk for two reasons. First is for her family and second is for her dreams. We can call it sacrifice. It gets a lot of negative opinions from people who think they are as clean as white clouds but they do not realize the WHY question. All she ask is respect.

Its really hard sometimes to tell what is right or wrong. Everyone deserves respect. But its not also a good thing to destroy a happy family.

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