Viral: Alleged scandal of Manny Paquiao exposed by LGBT

After the incident where Manny Pacquiao compared the same sex marriage to worst than animals, he apologize in public and invites some members of LGBT into his house for dinner. Even he is done with public apology, Manny takes consequences over his actions. Some popular and local celebrities like talk show host boy abunda, showtime comedian vice ganda, singers aiza and charice, condemned pacman for being harsh and indecent.

And because pacman is an international boxing icon, his words are watched, spread fast and became a big issue all over the world. His biggest opponent Mayweather gave a statement for pacquiao to stop trashing gay people. His spoken words hurt many people even those not in LGBT community, but also those who respects them. One of them is his primary sponsor of clothings. The nike company turn back on paquiao.
This incident doesn't please everyone. On the other side there are still big stars who protects pacman like vice president jejomar binay and local action star robin padilla.

alleged manny scandal

Because of pacman statements against them is a personal issue for LGBT, an fb page of pro LGBT releases an alleged scandal of manny paquiao stating  that he is criticizing their community. They tend to down pacman on his reputation. This hits a big impact over his career specially now that he is running for a senatorial position in the Philippines.

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