VIRAL: girl trusted a guy met online and was cheated after an hour

Viral news. A video of a woman and man together was seen in the cctv while meeting each other for the first time on agreed time in the market and caught entering fast food chain. According to the victim, she met the man online. She describe him as sweet and helpful so he got her trust easily. Their conversations are done online until she was asked to go out for a date. She agreed without knowing the real intention of the suspect.

On their way inside the fast food chain, they were seen holding hands while walking as if they were lovers but actually it was their first eye ball. After few minutes, guy go out alone with bag of the girl leaving her inside the fast food. Cash and cellphones together with important id were stolen from the victim. Same incident also happen along pasay but instead of fast food, he ask the girl to inquire inside the hotel and while the girl is inside, he take the opportunity to run. Sadly, some man are wise nowadays, they prefer the cash more than love.

Incidents like this happens more without reporting to police stations due to shameful acts. In the first place, a person specially girls should never trust strangers met online. Worst is going inside hotel in the first meet. Remember that their backgrounds on profile like works and location can be deceiving. It is everyone's duty to know the person very well before trusting them to avoid unwanted and traumatic incidents.

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