bubblegang girls bikini on beaches goes viral

Summer is fast approaching in the Philippines and summer destinations are being counted on list by friends and families. The Philippines island is blessed to have many tourist attractions like beaches and mountains to have outdoor experience. Different summer activities are available and it is best advised to wear comfy outfit to remain cool under the sun.

Bikini beaches has gone viral over the social media when the bubble gang girls uploaded their stunning beautiful outfits on the internet particularly facebook ang instagram. The so called "pantasya ng bayan" miss kim domingo wearing black and white bikini out stand them all in her amazing body curve. The photoshoot was taken in San Juan Batangas where they cover their summer episode.

Some of the cast Arleen Rose and Valeen Montenegro wears yellow and blue bikinis that really looks perfect on their skin tone. Their confidence inspired their fans to be like their idols. Gwen Zamora also took selfie of herself that amazed netizens. Celebrity guys like Aljur Abrenica also boast their masculine body on their photo posts.

Celebrities are on long break so they enjoy their summer vacations on different beaches. Some photos scattered on internet were taken anonymously by some admirer specially those bikini photos of fantasized and admired celebrities. Check images here.

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