Cctv installed at home caught strangers in living room

A new family camera introduced by one of the leading telecom company which is Philippine long distance company has lot of benefits for its subscribers. From its high speed internet connection up to modernization like optic fiber connection help netizens in many ways specially when it comes to security but on my story today, unexpected incident was caught by the fam cam cctv that was installed in the living room.

There are particularly three persons in the house and everyone is always busy. Parents and their beautiful daughter. One day, parents decided to install the ads on of the telecom company which is the fam cam. The installer of the telecom company installed it unknown to the daughter. Then parents leave for a business trip to Canada to settle some important issues. Daughter asks his partner to come over to their house because she is all alone.

When the parents arrived home from the business trip, they look into the saved copy of video files of the family camera and they were shocked on what they have seen, an scandalous act in the living room. They confronted their daughter and she was embarrassed all over. The parents just laughed and felt sorry for their daughter asking for forgiveness.

Being cautious all the time is needed in both parties. The parents should have told their daughter about the hidden cam while the daughter should always be careful in her act. The privacy of each person in the house should be respected in every way. Improper use of any gadgets specially closed circuit television is not advisable in personal life to prevent any scandal issues.

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