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The Philippine pie r18 page of facebook community has gone viral on the internet because of its latest showbiz news in the Philippines. From the coming newbie artists up to famous celebrities, the Philippine pie helps them to become more famous in the Philippines by posting their beautiful pictures or images on the their facebook page to gain more likes and comments redirecting them into the real name of the girl or celebrity posted.

Philippine pie had almost half million fans on its page. While there are many dummies aiming to reach their position, they still remain unbeatable because of unique post. The word hokage originated from them while giving it a new meaning for gents. Fans of Philippine pie r18 page are also active in their comments making the topics more interesting and always viral and their conversations along the comment box makes it fun for everyone to join with. 

Bashers of the page are merely the other admins of other page competing for top ranks and higher fans involved. Philippine pie suffers uncounted deactivation due to this reporters making it unavailable for some time. However, the Philippine pie r18 page has proven its reputation making it genuine and because of that, it came back to netizens. From time to time, the page is posting unique images and sometimes videos.

Sometimes, pictures featured on the page are donated by beautiful fans asking admins to make their image viral and famous in the internet. Some netizens claim that rbreezy, psg or perfect sa ganda, and many more pages featuring beautiful Philippine celebrities and non-celebrities was inspired by the philippine pie r18 page because it was founded since 2010 and makes it as one of the oldest and stunning page specially for gentlemen.

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