Viral: Baguio scandal in summer time

Baguio City or city of pines is still the best place to hang out during summer in the Philippines. Lots of attractions are available for local and foreign tourists in economical price. The cold weather in summer time is the reason why people go in this place. There are also different activities in Baguio like climbing the grotto on top of the mountain, Riding horses on hills of mountain views or experience the swan boat on burnham park.

The place is the best spot for couples to hang out and so, it is not shocking when a viral alleged scandal of one of the famous university in the school of baguio has gone viral on social media. The two couples were caught in the cctv while inside the boarding house doing scandalous act. The cctv are hidden on cabinets that makes it unnoticeable for the two.

They were positively pointed out by one of their schoolmates and reported it to their school guidance. However, their names remain hidden for their privacy. Proper actions were given by the school and their parents were talked to regarding the issue. This incident is not new as it already happened in the computer scandal.

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