Wendell ramos scandalous act in showtime

Wendell Ramos is popular as good actor of movies in the Philippines. He became popular over decades in doing dramatic and action movies from different television networks. His contribution to Philippine movies gained simultaneous awards. Wendell is also active in doing mature roles partnered with beautiful Philippine celebrities.

He was invited by showtime in their segment trabahula together with gasoline girl contestants. In the first part of the show, Wendell became viral when he tried to smell and kiss the neck of the contestant without asking permission. Netizens throw different opinions with regard to what he did. Those poor gasoline girl contestants should be respected. Some said specially guys, that he was too confident on his self forgetting to respect them.

This scandalous act became more viral when he put the star in private part. It shows discouragement from his fans and one of the host miss Anne reacted to it wherein she asked the contestants of the show if its okay to them to be kiss or smell by Wendell. It is yet unknown if what is the reaction of the gasoline girls because they were not yet releasing statements.

On the other hand, some solid philippine fans of Wendell express their support to their idol praying that they were the contestant because to be kiss by their idol is a lucky experience and a dream come true. It is part of the show said one of the netizens and scandalous act for others seems like not a big deal for Wendell and open minded people because he did many romance roles.

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