Alleged scandal pageant in Asingan bikini open 2016

Pageants like bikini open are common mostly in free country. Contestants contributed themselves freely and not forced by anyone. It is accepted by open minded males and females especially the young generations nowadays and sponsored by local or national government to promote tourism in their place. Their aim mostly is to help individuals to develop their confidence and help them build their career and pageants also promotes tourism.

However, when asingan bikini open 2016 was held, the gabriella community who protects the right of women's criticized the pageant as it did not follow certain standards of bikini open like wearing proper outfits. On the viral video posted by netizens, it really show some unacceptable outfits for candidates which almost show half of their private parts which was condemned by elders of the town and gabriella community. This photos has gone viral over the internet and tagged as asingan scandal. It gains hundres of shares and thousands of likes.

The viral photo is said to be miss Alysa wearing only half bikini. This incident was more hated by netizens when they found out that the organizer of the pageant is an official of deped philippine that is supposed to teach manners to every person. Happy moments of the pageant turned out to be a problematic situation for people involved because they are now hunted by gabriella community and receiving comments wanting to know the identity of the contestants and organizers.

Netizens are half on this incident as some expressed their support on the said pageant specially males. They said that the pageant is a bikini open and that is what to expect by viewers. No such scandal happened because candidates offered themselves on the pageant freely, to expose what they've got and to improve their career wanting to be discovered. While strict elders expressed their dismay saying that lots of minors attended the bikini open and they have seen scandal thing.

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