boracay scandal goes viral

A new scandal is circulating online but this is something different as it happened in boracay island Philippines. The alleged video scandal involves local citizen of boracay. It is yet to confirm if the persons involve are minors or not. The couple did scandalous act in the cabin station 3 of boracay island and unknown to them is a closed circuit television camera installed.

Boracay island is the best summer destination for many during summer time because of its famous white sand and crystallized water. Different tourist goes here locally and abroad which makes the island liberated and open minded because many tourist here wear only sexy bikinis. Some celebrities are also spotted here every summer. This is mainly the reason why urge of couples specially men are getting high.

Their urge to each other puts them in a hot seat that makes their family and friends feel shameful. The said se x scandal was uploaded in social media youtube and later shared in facebook where it receives different comments. Netizens are asking why they are not aware of the cctv in the place.

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