Chiz reaction to Heart and Dennis movie entitled Juan Happy Love

Heart is a respected movie actress from GMA channel who transferred to its Rival ABS-CBN network then came back again to the first. She is involved in many controversies specially in her past relationships because she has strict parents. Several alleged se x scandal were attached to her but proven to be hoax including the tv scandal when her parents called the press to state that they don't want Chiz to be her husband and they didn't attend their wedding. Heart is a strong woman to overcome all her past trials and now she is happily married and her husband was already accepted by her parents.

Dennis is a good actor that is admired by many. His fans are countless when he became best actor several times on different movies. He played different role including gay which he did with excellency. Same as other famous celebrity, dennis was also involved in alleged scandal. On the hoax video, he is doing scandalous act.

The upcoming telebabad movie series entitled Juan happy love will be aired in Kapuso Channel 7. Dennis Trillo and Heart Evangelista will be the leading cast of the said movie. Many daring scenes and naughty actions were filmed for this movie as it is needed for the show. The movie will be showing soon not later than May or June.

Heart is already married to Chiz while Dennis is known having an affair with Jennylyn so netizens reacted about the two on how they managed the show, on how they do their daring scenes without affecting the feelings of their partner in real life. The two reacted with smile stating that it is part of their job and their partners are open minded and accepted the scenes because they're doing it as part of being an actor and actress. Chiz however is busy on his campaign running for a higher position while Jennylyn remains high on his career.

Heart fanatics support the actress promote in her new telebabad movie. This movie must be watch as it portrays a new character of heart being more sexy in her drama and comedy role.

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