Philippines at the end of the day

Several debates was made last few weeks organized by different networks such as tv5, Abs-cbn, and Gma kapuso channel. Debates were made successful with the help of COMELEC and other publishing media and writers. Candidates were asked different questions coming from social media, writers and personal questions of people of the philippines expecting to get an answer to their burden. As expected, promises are heard and it seems to be easily done by the candidates because we all know this is the time to court.

Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas boast his achievements as DILG secretaty stating that he did his best and sacrifice his life on the typhoon Yolanda victims. He also suppress or lessen criminality and illegal drgs. The secretary promotes to continue the "daang matuwid" of the Aquino administration. He said that 4ps was their platform and being copied by his opponents to campaign themselves. Roxas was a fighter on the previous debates specially with binay and duterte.

Vice Binay is the former city Mayor of Makati Philippines. He always make the city as inspiration on what the country philippines would looks like if he win the position. Binay promised to remove the income tax of every employed earning thirty thousand pesos and below. He always asks every Filipino not to judge him on any accusations thrown to him because according to him, only the court can say if it was true or not and accusations can be just black propaganda by his opponents. Barangay officials will have regular salary income when he wins, binay said.

If the standard is excellency and knowledge. Miriam Santiago tops them all. She has all the academic excellency and she said she became class valedictorian of all her classes. Miram said she need capture the people behind the terrorist group who are funding them to make mindanao peaceful. Miriam said that her cancer cells was all dead and she deserves the position.

Senator Grace Poe became popular when she ride the MRT station as ordinary person without any bodyguards to test the burdens of passengers. Grace strongly proves that she was a natural born citizen. She promised that no one will be left behind poverty when she wins and will remove contractualization on employments. She is very popular because of his action star father. Grace said that her experience in different positions makes her exceptional in amateur lines. 

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte tops the latest surveys and admired by many because of his impulsive statements against crime corruption and many issues. He said he will make the people behind the "tanim bala" swallow the bullets. He promised to stop the crime and drugs in 3-6 months of his term if he wins. He also made the davao city as example on what the philippines would look like if he wins. His braveness on any aspects or issues makes him on the top. 

At the end of the day Philippine leader is on our hand. Rich or poor, disabled or not, professional or informal we all have only one vote that will be merge to select the leader that will lead our ship. Filipinos are way smarter now than before. Promises can be easily told and black propaganda are not true so let us all be wise and choose the deserving one for the sake of our country and future generations.

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