Traumatic experience of a girl in taxi

Taxi is the most convenient way to go from different place in Manila Philippines among any transportation means. Aside from you can point out the shortcuts to reach your destination in time, it protects you from summer heat when travelling at day time specially on noon. Being safe is the first thing we should prioritize when commuting.

Several news were reported before about the abusive taxi drivers asking for contract or too much fare than what taxi meters stated. There are also some taxi drivers reported who attack their passengers when denied the contract. Arrogant and abusive taxi drivers are feared by some passengers so many people prefer the grab a taxi as they can see feed backs of these drivers.. The land transportation of the Philippines investigated such actions to protect the passengers.

A latest complaint on a taxi driver was filed by a girl and according to her she rode a taxi together with her friends and while she was sitting beside drivers seat,  the taxi driver shows her scandalous act when on their way. This has been a traumatic incident by the girl wherein they reported it to the authorities. Parents of the girl were angry about what happened and filed a case against the taxi driver. In fairness of the taxi driver, he denied the accusations. Court will tell.

This incident is alarming as more and more taxi drivers are being involved and ladies are being the victims. This serves as warning to everyone to be stay alert and never take a nap on the taxi while on their way. The cellphones are the best weapon that we have to protect ourselves while we are inside a speedy taxi.

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