another viral scandal video was uploaded to breezy page

The official page of breezy was once banned due to mature content not suitable for younger age. They then created another page and gained more than one million page. The page is known in uploading scandal on some mid nights and delete it after an hour. It attracts netizens because of their sexy posts and valuable quotes including fun videos that removes stress and in addition to it is the scandal at night.

On the recent scandal video, a partner is filming themselves while doing scandalous act inside a private place. This seemed to be agreed by the girl because she is looking on the video camera as seen in the video.

The videos uploaded in the video are claimed by some netizens as scandals uploaded unknown to the persons on the video. Breezy page defended that videos they share are only sent to them and not their personal belongings. The scandal video gains lots of shares and comments in a short period of time but is now available only on mature sites and no longer in social media.

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