Bangus festival scandal

Dagupan bangus festival is celebrated yearly and happened successfully with the support of the local administrators. Different celebrities and personalities are invited to make the event attractive and fun. Parades were made as contests to attract different barangays and inspire individuals to give their best to win in their entry. There are also painting and cooking contests. The 101 ways to cook bangus and longest grill became the pride of the dagupan in the whole world.

The hottest summer was partnered with alleged new scandal circulating online. During the bangus festival of the north, hotels were fully booked and lovers were present. The party was held in the street of dagupan city with live rock bands performing at their best to make the people enjoy their visit. Some famous celebrities also joined the said event.

Images of couple a lesbian and a girl was shot anonymously by netizens and posted it on social media. The images was shared and gone viral over the internet entitled dagupan scandal. The persons involve are said to be students of famous university of town. They were doing scandalous act while dancing in the middle of the street while rock bands were performing. Some netizens said that their actions were inappropriate to the place because maybe in some locations like bar it can be acceptable.

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