Curfew will be implemented by new administration

"All minors scattered on the streets in 10 pm onward will be captured by barangay officials and hard drink vendors must stop selling on 1 am". These messages coming from the spokesperson of the president to be, makes the people of the Philippines more excited specially the parents. The said order is very much wise because it focuses on the root rather than curing what was violated and this reflects the saying prevention is better than cure. What is the business of minors outside the house in late night anyway?

Higher expectations from people and huge responsibility lies on the shoulder of the new president of the philippines. His promises to the people is hopefully to be fulfilled. The trust to the new president coming from his nation is also firm including his opponents from different parties. He asked the people to make the divided unite as one. 

More executive orders are expected by people to the newly elected leader. His dedication as public servant, his humble lifestyle and disciplinary actions is the traits many wanted from a leader. Philippines got the last card and definitely has a chance to uplift its dying nation over decades of the same leadership of different administration, Change is what this country needed. 

Peter Lavina, spokesperson of the new president of the philippines stated that there is no need to worry because this orders will not violate the freedom of people. It only makes sure that minors are safe at their home sleeping of doing their homework or chatting with their family. The curfew is applicable to minors and not escorted minors. This makes sure that our future generations will learn the word discipline and starting to abide a rule. On the other hand, the hard drink ban applies to public places on late night to avoid drunk people doing unwanted things.

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