Five reasons why philippines has many scandal

Philippine scandal when searched in google almost gives us thirteen thousand suggestions to choose from. We all know that there are many variety of scandals in the philippines from celebrities up to ordinary people. No one can not deny that girls from philippines are really attractive wherein every nationalities admire them. I list here five reasons why there are many scandal in the philippines.

1. High tech gadgets. This is one of the most reason why there are lots of scandals in the philippines. From simple cellphones up to digital camera recorders, spy pens and closed circuit televisions. These gadgets captured accidentally but most of the time intentionally. 

2. Social media. Recorded videos are then scattered by the one who has the copy of scandal. The scandal videos saved in every memory card or cellphone memory or hard drives are still stored anonymously even you deleted it so when someone has scandal on defective phone and ask technician to fix it, tech can retrieve these scandal and upload it to social media. This is the most effective way of disseminating scandal for example is youtube and facebook. 

3. Scandalous act without thinking. This has been one of the issue why scandals are everywhere. Lacking of discipline is what we need to be saved having scandal.. Allowing to film such daring moments is one example without thinking the outcome. No one is safe in gadgets as it all has security features that can be accessed by people knowledgeable in computer age.

4. In exchange for dollars. Different cases of internet money making involving girls are captured by the authority. Unknown to these victims is that what they show on the camera or skype are recorded and sell in much higher prices and its one of the reason why scandal is being more and more excessive. Lack of education for these people and the urge to have instant money forced them to do such actions.

5. Wanting to be famous. Rumors spread that some unknown celebrities film themselves to become famous. This is the most alarming as it needs psychological attention. The careers of some mature movies are failing and so this became their tactics to be talked and gain attention to become famous again.

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