high school caught in computer shop part 2

Another video involving two high school students from cebu is now viral on the internet having alleged se x scandal that was done inside the cubicle or private room of a computer shop. The room is intended for privacy of their costumers when having skype to their love ones or watching above materials, it was meant for convenience and privacy but on the contrary, it was used by this two students on their scandalous act without knowing the consequences of their action. This kind of place is still a public place.

The two high school students were now bashed on the internet and receives different comments and private messages from the netizens and they appeal to public to stop because it was not them on the video. This incident alarmed their parents but still support their daughter and son on the most challenging part of their lives. These students need a lot of guidance from school and parents on the first place because they do not know the outcome of their actions even though they know what they are doing.

The alleged se x scandal spread faster on social media and got about two thousand shares but recently deleted by facebook and youtube admin due to excessive reports. Their private account was not inaccessible and said to be disabled by the users anymore maybe because of shame and guilt. These serves as lesson not only for them but to everyone not to be tempted to do something unwanted when in a private but actually a public because almost every business establishment has camera installed now for their security but sometimes it caught scandals more than theft.

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