Mountaineer scandal in mount pulag

Mount Pulag has been one of the favorite destination of mountaineers. Because of its friendly sculpture, it is best for newbie climbers. This mountain is located in Nueva Viscaya.Philippines and said to be the highest peak in northern luzon. Because of its amazing views on the top, many couples are packing their trip to top to include the mountain in their relationship goals.

A viral photo of lovers is scattered on imaging sites showing them in their scandalous act while kissing each other. Comments rush on the photo specially on the part of the mountaineers. The couples are said to be famous climbers and many of their peers do not believe the scandal of their friends. 

The netizens said that their urge is unstoppable to do such scandal in a public place where unexpected mountaineers are climbing from time to time. While the photo is shot by anonymous person and tagged it mountaineer scandal, it caught huge attention but then defended by their friends that it was a proposal and their hugs and kisses are part of their love and joy when they are finally engage. Their friends also said that the one who took the picture is a gossiper.

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