Office girl applicant scandal with boss

A viral scandal video uploaded by philippine pie is now circling the internet. It shows an office girl that seems to apply on a job because she is holding a resume alike papers. The office girl is on her formal attire when she attended the interview together with two more girls on the video that lasts more than five minutes.

On the middle part of the scandal video. The two applicants were asked to go out for some purposes and the most beautiful of them remained. There are two interviewer as seen and the other one accompanied the two applicants outside the office room. And when they were only two left, the beautiful applicant was asked something in exchange of job and their scandalous act happened privately but became viral when it was uploaded in some mature websites. 

Netizens reacted with the video, poverty happens to be involved in the scandalous act exchanging dignity to acquire job so survive. Some open minded understands and support her saying that its her life anyway while many bashed her online and a disgrace to her country.

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