Softdrinks scandal is now viral

A scandalous video of two person believed to be from Ilo-Ilo Philippines has gone viral over the internet. While the people are busy on the crowded restaurant, the two are caught having scandalous act on the corner of the establishment. On the scandal video, the guy is seen playing the ladies part and punching it softly sometimes while his partner seems to like it and act normal as if nothing is happening while she was drinking soft drinks.

The video that last more than one minute is tagged as sofdrinks scandal because the girl looks awkward in drinking softdrinks while on scandalous act. They did not notice the mirror behind them that made their private moment into popularity. This video gains more than seventeen thousand shares and comments when someone posted it on facebook.

Some claims that the video is already old that was already posted on different mature sites and the people behind the scandal are not filipino but rather chinese customers that were tempted to do scandalous act in public place. You can watch the video here.

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