Viral taxi driver indecently touched his passengers private part

A viral video of a jeep driver in Quezon city is now viral and he is facing multiple charge filed by the complainant and victim that was indecently touched. According to the victim, she rode a jeepney via cubao lagro in Quezon city and when she noticed that the driver looks at her body from time time, she decided to take a video camera secretly. The driver is also seen showing his tongue on the video.
The victim said the police that the driver is sometimes talking to him but she can not understand what he is saying.

When they reach the 15th avenue in cubao Quezon city, The girl was shocked when the driver touched her indecently on her private part an because of fear, she jumped on the jeep while it keeps moving that almost put her in an accident on the street. The girl is Llacuni Bonifacio and the video was uploaded in social media by her brother Chris Bonifacio. According to Chris, her sister was traumatized so he decided to upload it and he asked help from his friends in cyberworld to help spread the video.

The girl was traumatized when she go to the land transportation and franchising board station for her statements and positively pointed the jeep driver emmanuel escaluna from the LTFRB records. Chairman of the board said that this kind of attitude clearly not allowed to be a driver and he recommended revoking the drivers license of the jeep driver involve. The operator of the jeep was also invited to give statements on why his driver has this kind of attitude and the operator promise to bring the driver to their office.

Watch the full video here.

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