Ateneo university student leaked scandal involving Aj and Abby

Top of the list of hottest scandal in a non celebrity category in the Philippines is the ateneo university scandal involving aj ramos and abby santiaquel. Their private video scandal has two parts which was exposed and became viral on social media.

On the first video that is more than sixteen minutes, abby and aj was seen on a high definition video scandal while performing scandalous act. The guy was smiling most of the time and the girl is making loud noise as a sign of happiness on their moments together. The second part shows abby giving good service to her partner while being filmed on a camera video that lasts more than two minutes.

It is said that their video was made as their personal collections that add to their excitement when doing their private thing. Unfortunately, for unknown reason, it was copied by someone responsible for uploading the video.

This university scandal is old yet still popular on different social media. Their university scandal video can be easily search on different sites. Rumors spread that this two are still together facing the consequences of their actions. Person involved are minors that still need guidance. Netizens expressed their sympathy to the two while others take it as normal thing on younger generations nowadays.

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