Dog created scandal in the street and caused traffic

The brown dog is said to be possessed by bad spirits when he attacked another dog colored black and bite it forcefully that caused scandalous traffic in the place. Many passengers already get down their cars to protect the black dog because he really have no chance of winning against the very strong brown dog. Even the by passer women used to help in kicking and pushing but the possessed dog is really forceful and unstoppable.

Policeman rush to help and another man used stun gun taser but it never helped. Riders on the vehicle also use their helmet on the dog but no one can stop him. It seems that he has big anger on the other dog. The scandal video lasts about three minutes before they separated the dogs from attacking and biting the other.

Netizens specially dog lovers shows their care even to the said possessed dog. It should not be hurt that way but it is still the best thing to do to save the other dog. The scandal of dogs happened to disturb many passengers and drivers. Car horn are heard on the whole time of the video because they wanted to distract the dogs.

Watch the video here.

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