General Bato dubbed as the rock of the Philippines

One of the exciting part of duterte administration is appointment of general bato as philippine national police chief starting today, July 1, 2016. He became famous after duterte announced the he trust this guy to the point that they understood each other with just facial expression. Media and netizens are craving to know more about him. He was then dubbed as the rock of the Philippines muscular built and bravery.

General bato's full name is Ronald dela Rosa. He was a graduate of pma class 1986 and a former pnp director of davao city police troops and he served the government for many years of his life same with his mayor.

The people who lives in luxury of unwanted activities offer bounty against duterte and his right hand bato but the two was firm on their words to fix the philippines. This proves that change is coming. General bato recently made an announcement directing every bad guys including bad cops to surrender within twenty four hours before its too late otherwise they'll be finished. He also encourage everyone with anomalies to start a new and clean life specially to his comrades because he will not tolerate such actions.

Their team up during their Davao times were proven for decades and their brotherhood was molded by trials they overcome together. As they move into a new, bigger and more challenging mission of their lives, they urge the people of the philippines from civilians, policemen, armies and everyone to help and join them making the country peaceful and worth living. Duterte bring the words of his father in the presidency serving the needless, hopeless and defenseless. And general bato claimed that he was fearless when it comes to fixing errors in the country.

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