Kiko Matos got smack kiss on lips from Baron

The controversial battle between Baron Geisler and indie actor Kiko Matos was now finalized and will be held by the Universal Reality Combat Championship or URCC.

Baron quickly kissed Kiko on their face-off that makes the guy shock on his awkard moves. The people around laughed out loud and this made the said battle more exciting. Baron explained his actions on his twitter account, according to him, he saw kiko's t shirt with "kiss kita" words embedded so he came first.

He was now on his hard training getting ready for the exhibition match that will be held on june 25, 2016 this saturday. Their misunderstanding started in a bar in the philippines while having fun. This scandal happened to become bigger and now they agreed to settle it in a urcc cage battle.

Netizens were very excited on the fight also as this issue became the hottest topci and showbiz viral several times on social media. Most of them doesn't have someone to cheer and only having fun knowing baron found a match but still, they are hopeful that this will end up in the urcc and will no longer continue outside the ring.

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