Kim domingo scandal "pantasya ng bayan"

The most awaited scene of the fhm Filipina hotties was aired in her first teleserye entitled one happy love story. Her kissing scene with celebrity partner Dennis Trillo became viral and repeatedly watch by netizens. Some even tagged this scene as kim domingo scandal.

Kim is a beginner celebrity but she can already do her role in a professional way. She was now working with respected celebrity icons like Heart Evangelista. Dennis and Kim got the chance to do best scene of their show on Agatha's lunch meeting. They tease each other putting grapes on mouth and suddenly they were both eating a single grape.

Viewers cant resist to admire Kim because she got what it takes to win the heart of a man. From her fair complexion skin and amazing figure. Many enjoyed the show but some netizens however said that the show is not suitable show for everyone and just a desperate move to make their ratings higher.

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