Viral: Couple scandal in a public resort filmed by netizens

A viral video of couples in a public resort was filmed by a maintenance assistant. Their scandalous act lasts about two minutes and forty eight seconds while they were dip in the pool and they took advantage of water covering them unfortunately, they were too aggressive and seems to mind their own business.

The film taker seems to hide his cellphone to his pants from time to time while filming secretly to avoid being caught. People involved on the scandal video are assumed indian foreigners by netizens based on their physical appearances.

The viral video gained thousand likes and shares on the social media but deleted later after confirmed to have mature images unsuitable for every age of audience. In philippines, they tagged it as the swimming lesson scandal and some created memes to make fun of it.

Alarming incidents always happen anywhere in the country specially scandal moments. The people involve seems to be on their legal age but they serve as not good example for the young generations.

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