Viral. PSP filmed and tricked by three classmates

Classes are about to start in the philippines soon and burdens of some parents and students are school fees asked by school departments for their uniforms, books and many more.

A viral video of a school girl touch the heart of good viewers when they saw her doing scandalous act just to sustain her living and continue to school. The said psp named as armi c. was invited by her classmates to be and offered to pay her in exchange of her job. Because she needed some for fees in school and she knew the guy personally it did not gave her any doubt to go.

When they reach the condominium unit of her classmate, she was shocked that two more men were there waiting for them and the story goes on that can be seen on the video lasting more than 16 minutes. She tried to be calm on the first and just get along with the flow just to be safe but she was forced on the last part and leave  her crying on her own.

The saddest part is they recorded the scandal video of their scandalous act. This is just one of the many story of girls living on this way. They gained problems unsolved and without justice when they can do nothing but to work in troublesome duties.

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