Viral: Scandalous woman in bicycle kicks cop and she was arrested roughly

Shanghai fan page in china posted a recent scandal video of cops capturing a woman roughly. The video became viral on the facebook page alone that gains thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. The lady is arrested because of assault on public servant and resisting arrest

The cops are arresting the woman but instead of surrendering herself, she kicked the policemen repeatedly and resisted to be capture later on. The cops used their force to get the woman in a rough manner and said to be disrespectful by audiences. He made the woman's face facing and laying down the street while the cops knee is on her back and her hands are handcuff. 

The controversial video started a debate from netizens around the world. Some philippine netizens said that if it happened in the philippines, bashers will be thrown directly to cops because of being rough to woman while some USA netizens said the lady was lucky enough not be living there otherwise she was jailed in her behavior disobeying the law.

Gender equality became the center of the issue. When a girl kicks a man, it doesn't create a big deal but when a man kicks a woman like what happen on the video, lots of negativity and criticism are being thrown. No matter what, respecting others despite of genders should be implement if you want to gain respect from others.

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