Toni Fawler now in hot seat after her viral scandalous posts

Toni Fawler became popular on social media because of her posts that are unacceptable by our old generations. It affects the youth and their way of thinking said the parents. Dancing with inappropriate tops or shirts was not good in the eyes of the viewers in the internet specially kids.

Her scandalous posts are making rounds on social media and still view-able on youtube and facebook that gains lots of likes and shares by open minded netizens in facebook. On the other side, her videos on youtube has more dislikes.

Recently, another scandal video of her in event was posted. A guy from the audience was made as the subject of her show in front of many people including younger persons. She danced the same way on her posts. Her fans defended her and saying that she needs it to make and living and this is a free country anyway and those who dislikes her way of entertainment can opt to not follow her accounts said the avid fan.

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