Viral: Alleged scandal of Ryan Bang hits netizens

The showtime icon was now on hot-seat after his alleged scandal together with a korean lady.

He was a foreigner who came from Korea from a good family and he became popular when he entered the pinoy big brother sitcom. Ryan Bang has been original casts of the abs-cbn noon time show "its showtime". His presence on the showtime noontime show added fun specially when he acts like a real little brother of all the casts.

A recent album of him entitled "like love follow" was also released which was inspired by the legend psy on his gangnam style. One part of the video was talked when he walked without any clothes on the street as part of the video and some netizens already attached it to another scandal.

However Ryan did not escape the rumors attached to every celebrity as they become famous. A viral scandal video that lasts more than 11 minutes is now attached to his name but his supporters denied the allegations and said that it was an old rumors and the persons involved on the said scandal are only physically alike with the original Ryan Bang.

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