Another cebu walk scandal share by netizens

Cebu as one of the best destination for local tourist attracts not only foreigners but also other locals from different part of the philippines. It has many places to offer like foods to try and things to do while having a relaxing vacation.

This time, the place went viral because its name was used as title of a viral scandal that is making rounds on the internet. According to the story, they are couple tourist (walker and gm) who stayed in boracay resort who stay in strangers house who offered them cheap stay. The boarding house they've choose has cctv installed unknown to them that caught all their scandalous act inside their room.

This serves as reminder to every traveler not to put your names and love ones at risk when you're in another place. Be aware and alert at all times and consider the quality of security regarding its price at least you know you are in good hands.

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