Anti age discrimination law now valid in Philippines

Unemployment is one of the major problems of our society in the Philippines and the number one reason is age discrimination. 

The anti age descrimination law or republic act 10911 failed to passed in the last administration but was now enacted by the new president. It will be implemented starting August 10, 2016. It was meant to protect the people of the Philippines when it comes to making a living. 

The law prohibits :
1.Making age as a requirement in application of job.
2.Making age as a reason not to hire applicant.
3.Making age as the reason to fire an employee.

Whoever violate the law might face offenses: 
Penaly of P50,000 - P500,000
Prison for 3 months - 2 years
Revocation of permit and closure of company

New administration is serious in implementing the constitutional law and this is good news specially to Filipinos abroad. However, the business owner asked for review as they explain that some old persons are not fitted in any kind of jobs such as hardware stores and sales clerk where they have to stand for seven and a half hours everyday. 

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