Beware: Hidden camera in fitting room created scandal

Beware on hidden camera installed in fitting room that might create unforgettable scandal.

Malls and different shopping stores usually put a mirror in the fitting room for their customers. It is useful so we can have a primary view on what we buy or wear. Large number of ladies are more spending much time inside the fitting room and sometimes it require us to remove all our clothes when we try to fit top clothes. 

This moments are taken advantage by unknown people to take scandal. They simply put spy cam on displays inside the room while some even attach it to hangers. Be sure to take a close look to any objects inside. If you found something suspicious, you can directly report it to authorities. Although we are hundred percent sure that mirrors placed in fitting room are not two way mirrors because its prohibited by law, its much safer to take precautions when we enter public places because people behind this could be another customer and not the staff nor the owners of establishment.

One of the girls who is shopaholic became viral when her scandal inside the fitting room made rounds on the internet. She was seen entering the room while in formal attire bringing bonnets and tops. She never know that a hidden camera was installed behind her that captured her while removing her pants and tops that made her exposed her body. This serves as lesson for her to be cautious all the time. Check the room first before removing anything.

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