Camera saved scandalous act of Philippine girl

The Philippines faces many problems such as poverty and unemployment so people find ways to make a living in any thing or any kind. Sometimes they are urge to do such things that they do not really want to do.

One example of this is the cyber affairs. It is sad and alarming to know on news that parents are solely responsible using themselves to gain money for their family. Although the government are doing their duties, it is not yet trustworthy enough and their steps are still lacking because people involved are always making their new ways to gain access in cyber-world not unless they have another choice like decent job and earnings. Evidence are scattered on mature sites nowadays, Those parents and individuals involved do not know about privacy and they become the victim of this industry. 

The story of a 21 year old name Lena who lived in Samar Philippines did not finish her study so she decided to find her luck in manila. The hardship of living there is unknown to her so when she can not sustain herself anymore, she grabbed the open opportunity for every girl which is working in a bar and later in cyber world. She did not know that having a cam to cam records her scandalous act so when her scandal was uploaded, it went viral and put shame on her and her family.

Its pitiful to know this kinds of story but this are true to life which we hope will be change someday or sooner in the new administration. 

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