DJ Karen faces another problem because if lesbians inside the cage

Karen Bordador's name was now viral because of her arrest. Authorities seized more or less three million amount of it inside the condominium of her boyfriend. Aside from the case filed against her, she is facing another problem. The lesbians of cage who are known to have secret laws inside that they implement in every new comers.

According to source, every new detainee that comes into cage will need to pass the lesbians trial first specially Karen who is known as beautiful model. They are mostly interested with good looking so they are excited on her because it was rare that a celebrity will be their housemates. The new administration is strict on this kind of cases therefore it is non bailable offense and officers have strong evidence against her.

Netizens merely support the administration all the way and they are proud that big names on the industry such as government officials and celebrities are being caught and not only ordinary people. On the other hand, her family asked the public not to judge her because they believe she was not really involve on it.

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