Hidden cam in shower room created scandal

Hidden camera was identified in the hotel shower room of a known hotel in manila. The eighteen minute video shows a girl who take a bath for that long time without knowing a hidden camera spotted her. She only becomes aware when the video clip already went viral because of an approach of her friend.

The girl on the video was with her boyfriend that time and she first suspected that the hotel is responsible for it but later on, she found out that it was her boyfriends fault. He then admitted his fault and promised the girl to take down the video on the internet but its already too late as mature site fans already duplicated copy.

Their relationship got worse and no further news was said whether the girl pursue a case against her partner. The hopeful and happy relationship they had was gone because of making decisions without thinking first on the consequences. This became a reminder to every couple that doing such memorable moments should be taken care or it will turn out scandal.

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