Hottest libero player ever in volleyball

Many people keep asking about the latest post in sexy athletes. The girl featured in the time 0.47 is no other than Winifer Fernandez. She is 21 year old now who came from Dominican Republic. She and her team was qualified to play in Rio Olympics.

Netizens admired her being fully packed. She is already talented being volleyball player under National Volleyball team of Dominican Republic and Team Mirador organization. Aside from that, she looks smart being libero in their team. She is placed to be the defense specialist and truly admirable. Other than that is her beautiful physical attraction which is fit due to daily exercise. Her tantalizing eyes will make every guy steady on their positions.

Fans on their country became very proud of her being the representative of them. Behind her admirable body is a respected personality. No doubt she was tagged as the hottest athlete ever in the Olympics.

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