Party goer left unconscious and was taken in condominium by richkid

Going into party is becoming habit of students without strict parents. It includes bar hopping, different hard drink trying, and guy tripping. Most of the party starts in the evening and ends late at night so costumers always go home late.

The story of a girl with strict parents once had a problem with her love life. She can not tell it to her parents so she decided to join her party goer friend and classmates. Because she was not into it, she was left unconscious for taking too much. Her friends already parted and was now left alone. The cctv shows a maintenance boy cleaning the area helping her but another rich-kid customer insist that he knew the lady. He then brought her to his condominium and something happened.

Parents should guide their sons and daughters while growing up. It is not enough that you provide material things for them because emotional attachment is more important. If only the girls parents have time for her, she wont be urge to go to such place.

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